tap repairs northern beaches

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Leaking tap? Need a new tap installed? Call Peter.

For tap repairs and the installation of new taps, call Peter for fast, local assistance throughout the Northern Beaches.  Save water by fixing drips and leaks or improve the aesthetic of your kitchen or laundry with the installation of a modern, new tap. Peter can even replace outdoor taps so they’re easy to turn on and off.


Peter is a local Northern Beaches handyman who services clients from Palm Beach to Manly, Terrey Hills to Balgowlah, and everywhere in between. No job too small. Why not prepare a list of all those annoying property maintenance and home repair projects that have been bothering you and get Peter to fix them in one go?

Peter Mitchell
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tap repair northern beaches
New tap installation. The customer purchased this soft touch mixer tap from Aldi and contacted Peter to install it in their kitchen. Peter uninstalled the old tap and replaced it with the new one.


tap replacement northern beaches
Tap replacement. The original tap in this customer’s kitchen had started leaking. The underside of the spout had split and, every time they turned on the tap, water spurted everywhere. The tap was beyond economical repair so Peter purchased a new tap for the customer from Bunnings. He removed the old tap and installed the new tap.

Why is my tap leaking?

Taps leak for various reasons although the most common is usually the components inside the tap wearing out.  The proper repair or replacement of a leaking tap can prevent water waste and potential damage to your home. Below is a list of common reasons why taps leak:

  • Worn-out Washers: The washer inside the tap can wear out over time due to friction, causing leaks when the tap is turned off.
  • Damaged O-rings: O-rings are small rubber rings that help seal the tap. If they become worn or damaged, they can lead to leaks, particularly around the handle.
  • Corroded Valve Seat: The valve seat connects the tap to the spout. Corrosion can build up on the valve seat, leading to leaks around the spout area.
  • Loose Parts: Parts of the tap can become loose over time, leading to leaks. Tightening the packing nut or replacing loose components can often fix the issue.
  • Worn-out Cartridge: In modern taps, the cartridge controls the flow of water. If the cartridge is worn out, it can cause leaks, often requiring a replacement.
  • High Water Pressure: Excessive water pressure can cause leaks in taps. Installing a pressure-reducing valve can help manage and stabilise the water pressure.
  • Seal Damage: The seals inside the tap can wear out or get damaged, especially if sediment builds up in the water. This can cause leaks when the tap is not in use.
  • Improper Installation: If a tap is not installed correctly, it can lead to leaks. Ensuring professional installation can prevent this issue.
  • Age and Usage: Over time, taps can naturally degrade due to regular use, leading to leaks. Periodic maintenance and timely replacements can help manage this.

tap installation northern beaches

new tap installation northern beaches
New tap installation. This wall mounted tap set was installed as part of a laundry renovation Peter completed for a customer. Read about the laundry renovation here »