custom horse shelter

Mobile shade shelter for a horse paddock agistment at Ingleside

A custom-made horse shelter with UV protection.

Peter was recently asked by a customer based in the Eastern Suburbs if he could build a mobile shade shelter for her daughter’s horse that was being agisted at Ingleside on the Northern Beaches. It would also be needed to store horse food and supplies out of the rain.

He was happy to help.  First, he had to do some research to determine how big a ‘horse-size’ shade shelter should be.  Secondly, he researched suitable roofing materials that would provide UV protection from the sun. Importantly, the customer explained that horses are easily spooked so there needed to be little impairments or dangers in the framework that could potentially injure the horse.

Peter got to designing the shelter and sent sketch mock-ups to the customer for final approval.

Later that week, Peter arrived onsite with the materials in his trailer and had completed the project by the afternoon.  The treated pine structure enabled the horse to easily enter and exit the shelter. He added a Suntuf polycarbonate roofing which offers a 99.9% UV protection yet still allows light to travel through.

The customer arrived onsite that afternoon and was suitably impressed.  She was able to move the shelter freely around the paddock without any trouble.  Importantly, the horse was able to safely enter and exit the shelter without any problems and there was enough room to store food and supplies.


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Peter Mitchell
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