custom made greenhouses

A custom made greenhouse that is possum and rat proof

When these clients moved from an apartment to a house in Frenchs Forest, they dreamed of growing their own organic produce.  After 5 years battling the local wildlife, they contacted Peter to make a possum proof greenhouse. And it’s worked!

custom made greenhouse

Over the years, the homeowners had tried a multitude of nets and barracades to deter the nighly scavengers – all to no avail.  A fully contained, impenetrable greenhouse was a last resort.  And it’s been a success!

Once onsite, Peter had to remove the original ad-hoc vege garden.  The original copper logs were dismanted and set aside for repuposing in other areas of the garden.  The clients were adament that their carefully cultured soil, thriving with worms and organic matter, was saved so Peter removed this to the adjacent carport for reinstatement later.

Peter had to build a new retaining wall at the rear of the new greenhouse, extending the vege garden by an additional 500mm.  The customers were ecstatic with this unforeseen bonus.

Importantly, a solid base foundation was built that could withstand the huge amount of soil contained – even after long rain spells.  This was lined with a metal skin to prevent any chemicals from the treated timber leaching into the soil.

Peter then built a contained timber frame around the entire vege garden. This was then enclosed with animal resistant wire which is small enough to restrict wildlife but large enough to let in the much-needed pollinators (bees, hover flies, butterflies, etc).

greenhouse northern beaches

(Above) Peter integrated vertical flaps giving easy external access to ground growing produce. 

A door was added for convenient (human) access.  And Peter suggested two vertically opening flaps for easy external access to the ground level veges and herbs.  The clients loved the idea.

With the precious organic soil reinstated, and the frame painted so it blends with the surrounding garden, the greenhouse is now a feature of the property that will be enjoyed by the current owners and any future owners of the property for many, many years to come.

Best of all, the new greenhouse now provides a multitude of growing options – on the ground, vertically, hanging from the roof and shelving at the sides. The customers estimate that Peter’s improved greenhouse design has increased the potential yield four-fold (at least).

The customers have installed an infrared camera in the greenhouse to check wildlife hasn’t been able to infultrate it and, while they can be often seen staring willfully in from the outside walls, it has remained impenetrable and the produce is safe and untouched.


If you have questions about a custom-made greenhouse or vegetable patch, contact Peter directly for assistance. Peter is a local Northern Beaches handyman who services clients from Palm Beach to Manly, Terrey Hills to Balgowlah, and everywhere in between. No job too small.

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Peter Mitchell
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